Get Thriving Trees Without the Back Breaking Work

Sit back & relax by bringing in a Chandler, AZ arborist

Trees do a lot for you by protecting your property and helping to reduce energy bills for your home. Problem is, you have a busy schedule, and the daily grind barely allows time for sleep. So what do you do when there's no time to care for your trees? You call our tree doctors at Arizona Horticultural Alliance.

We'll take the work off of your hands and keep your treeline healthy and flourishing. In this climate, native trees require specific methods of care, and our team of arborists have the knowledge and skill needed for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your tree types. We offer a full range of tree care services, providing the equipment and manpower needed for your project, and there's no messy cleanup once your service is completed. Contact us today and get in touch with Arizona Horticultural Alliance to keep your property's trees vibrant.

Lower Your Energy Bills in Chandler, Arizona

Have us nurture your greenery and enjoy an energy-efficient home

How do trees help with energy efficiency? By shading your home from the hot sun, for one. Arizona Horticultural Alliance can advise you on the proper placement of trees in your yard so you can maximize shade and ensure that those trees are kept healthy and thriving all season long to keep you cool. Trees and shrubs that are well maintained and properly cared for are also a great way to deflect cold winter winds, lessening your home's exposure to chilled air and reducing the amount of energy needed for heating. If you want to keep your heating and cooling costs down, bring in the right team of professionals to advise you. Call Arizona Horticultural Alliance to discuss the best tree types and placement to benefit your home today.

Don't Sacrifice Beauty for Functionality

Arizona Horticultural Alliance has the solution for both in Chandler, AZ

You want a yard that is gorgeous, but have you thought about its safety? Imagine your children outside playing when, suddenly, a tree root sends them sprawling. Ensure that no root or stump trips up your family with removal and maintenance. Our tree care specialists offer a broad range of quality removal options to keep your yard both visually appealing and safe for your family, including eliminating dangerous limbs, stumps and tree roots. We have a solution for any potential dangers, and will stop them at the source while keeping your remaining trees and shrubs strong and lush. Our tree care services include:

• Tree assessments
Diagnosis and care by our tree doctors
Pruning and trimming
• Cacti and succulent care
• Limb removal
Stump grinding
Tree root removal, and more!

Get a beautiful landscape that you love without risking hazardous stray limbs and roots. Bring in Arizona Horticultural Alliance for all of your removal, trimming and care needs.