Improve the Health & Aesthetics of Your Trees in Chandler, AZ

Schedule tree pruning services with Arizona Horticultural Alliance

Did you know that tree pruning refers to trees, while tree trimming refers to shrubs? No matter what you call it, Arizona Horticultural Alliance is here for you. We provide tree pruning services to keep your trees in tip-top shape. We've provided tree care services for about 14 years, so you can trust that we'll take exceptional care of your trees.

Tree pruning is a combination of art and science. You want to maintain healthy trees, while also making sure they look nice. Every cut our certified arborist makes on a tree has a purpose. We provide tree pruning to:
  • Thin branches out
  • Remove dead branches
  • Increase the visual appeal of the tree

Call Arizona Horticultural Alliance today to schedule tree pruning services.

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We offer tree care consultations to help you maintain healthy trees

Are there a few trees in your yard that need some TLC? Before removing a tree, we'll advise you on the best options for improving the health of your tree. We won't cut a tree down if we don't have to. If you schedule a tree service after your consultation, the consultation is free of charge! Call today to schedule your tree care consultation in Chandler, AZ.